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It’s All About Armstrong at Queens Library…This Weekend and Always!

Louis Armstrong, the legendary jazz musician and longtime resident of Corona, Queens, bequeathed a huge legacy to the world, with much of it right at our fingertips, right here in our borough! This weekend Lincoln Center Local and Queens Library will be partnering to present “It’s All About Armstrong,” a free concert featuring Grammy Award-winning jazz historian Loren Schoenberg, giving you the opportunity to explore the wealth of creativity Armstrong has left us right now! Below, we’ve also highlighted additional ways you can get tuned into Armstrong through Queens Library.

This Saturday: On Saturday, September 8 at 2:30 p.m. at Queens Library at Peninsula, you’re invited to Lincoln Center Local’s “It’s All About Armstrong.” Join Grammy Award-winning jazz historian Loren Schoenberg and his young band of musicians, The National Jazz Museum in Harlem All Stars, for an adventure through the tunes of the world’s most beloved trumpeter. Admission is free. No ticket or preregistration required.

At Queens Library: Our collection includes dozens of books about Armstrong, books by Armstrong, musical scores by various composers as performed by Armstrong, dozens of CDs featuring Armstrong, and DVDs about the great Satchmo. Check out one or many!

Online: Hundreds of Louis Armstrong hits—including “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “Mack the Knife,” and more—can be downloaded through Freegal, a free music downloading service you can take advantage of with Your Queens Library card. (Search for Louis Armstrong under artists.) You can download up to three free songs a week—and the tunes are yours to keep!

At Queens Library at East Elmhurst: Keeping jazz alive in Louis and Lucille Armstrong’s neighborhoods is one of the goals of this community library, home to a “mini archive” (pictured here) of Armstrong memorabilia, books, photos, and more. Special programming—available throughout the year—is also offered for all ages with the goal of celebrating jazz and Armstrong. Find the address of, directions to, hours of service for, and upcoming events at Queens Library at East Elmhurst.

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