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Queens Library is an independent, not-for-profit corporation and is not affiliated with any other library. With 62 locations, Queens Library serves a population of 2.3 million in one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the U.S. and has among the highest circulations of any public library system in the world. For more information about programs, services, locations, events and news, visit the Queens Library website at www.queenslibrary.org or phone 718-990-0700. Queens Library. Enrich Your Life.®
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An oldie but a goodie from the Archives at Queens Library: Detail of the stacks in the Long Island Room, December 29, 1939. During the years of World War II our archives saw an increase in the use of census and church records, used to help establish proof-of-birth, which was needed to obtain work in war industries and to apply for Social Security and retirement benefits.

This year marks 100 years of the Archives at Queens Library. Since 1912, we have collected, preserved, and made available items—including 36,000 books and volumes of serials, approximately 2,500 cubic feet of manuscripts, 4,500 maps and broadsides, 105,000 photographs, 422 feet of vertical files, and 9,000 reels of microfilm— that tell the story of the four counties on Long Island: Kings (Brooklyn), Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. For more information, check out our digital guide to the history of the Archives and the mini exhibit of our archives.

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